Lloyd Banks Has Been Bringing Great Shows to Denton for 16 Years

Lloyd Banks runs Rockin' Rodeo in Denton, but he's been perched up north doing live music venues for a decade and a half: national touring acts mixed with local and regional bands, not only as opening acts, but also plenty as standalone showcase acts. He's managed a band or two over that time as well, and brought in all sorts of touring HipHop, Country, Mainstream Rock and local acts of all sizes and flavors to Denton. He's seen a lot of crazy shit backstage, onstage and on, the singer of Quiet Riot putting his wig on, and Jason Boland barfing Jager in the sound booth. That's just skimming the surface. He's ready to share, so let's not hold him and his tales up any longer.

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Alan Ayo