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Make That 19 Deep Ellum Venues: 2826 Arnetic Quietly Opened This Past Weekend.

We've been following this story for over a year now, wondering when--if ever--that proposed venue at the old Club Envy spot was gonna open up. Hadn't heard anything in some time, though.

To be honest, we kinda thought the whole thing was kaput.

Not so. This past weekend, in fact, a strange sight caught our attention while we were making the walk from La Grange to the Double Wide. Right there, at the corner of Elm Street and Malcolm X Boulevard, the doors of the venue called 2826 Arnetic were open. And there were a few people inside, even.

What the what?

"We're open," says venue owner Frank Maldonado. "It's a soft opening. It took us so long to get these permits in line, that we just decided to open."

Plus, y'know, there's the fact that there are already another 18 live music venues in Deep Ellum these days, and Maldonado and his partners didn't want to get left behind in the dust.

"Deep Ellum's definitely going through a revitalization right now," Maldonado says. "But we'll see who comes and goes, and who sticks around."

Sounds like fighting words. And from a club whose web site only lists one upcoming show that isn't part of its recurring jazz weekly on Thursday nights, no less. Who wants to rumble?

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