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Mark Cuban Swing-Danced His Ass Off at Standard Pour Last Night [VIDEO]

Every week, Free Man owner John Jay Myers and his band, the Free Loaders, play a gig at The Standard Pour, and every week he makes the same joke: "If you like what you hear, put $100 in the tip jar. If you don't like what you hear, $20 will do." And every week, Myers adds the same tongue-in-cheek caveat: "Unless you're Mark Cuban. Then put in $1,000."

Well, as is usually the case, it's all fun and games until Mark Cuban shows up -- in which case, all bets are off. So when Myers and co. took up their usual post at Standard Pour last night, they never would've expected that Cuban would be in the house. But he was not only there, he even started swing dancing -- and we have the video to prove it.

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The Free Loaders uploaded this video this afternoon, shot by a fan in the crowd:

Cuban is no stranger to letting his hair down and getting foot loose. Hell, the guy was even on Dancing with the Stars. So it shouldn't be much of a surprise that he took over the dance floor on Sunday when the Free Loaders launched into "Jump Jive & Wail."

Guitarist Stephen Ketner, who also plays in blues band the Steve James Trio, takes up the account:

"I didn't even notice that was Mark Cuban. I just thought it was another swing dancer that comes to see the Free Loaders," Ketner recalls. "Then John Jay made that joke and I said into the mic, "Too bad mark Cuban is never here." And John Jay goes, 'He's right fucking there!'"

Ketner's not sure what brought Cuban to the bar last night, although chances are good he was simply out celebrating a big win for his Dallas Mavericks over the Oklahoma City Thunder last night at American Airlines Center. What's also not known is whether he made good on that $1,000 tip.

Even if he didn't, at least we have this priceless video.


Here's a second video of Cuban getting down at Standard Pour on Sunday.


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