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News Of Jay Reatard's Cancellation's Making The Rounds Today

News of Jay Reatard's cancellation at Club Dada last night is starting to make to the music blog rounds today thanks to a pretty, um, detailed re-cap of the night that booking agent John Iskander posted to his Parade of Flesh blog. An excerpt:

"Jay Lindsey solidified his infamous and difficult reputation by disappointed [sic] over 100 fans, all to get fucked up on drugs. Technically, he gave up over $1K for some horrid underage girl that he didn't even slay; when he should spend it on therapy to work out his sexuality."


Anyway, indier-than-thou blog Brooklyn Vegan picked up on the item, if only to repost a few choice quotes from it. And now music media watchdog Idolator has taken notice of the Brooklyn Vegan post, running an item of its own in which it calls out Brooklyn Vegan commenters for being stupid.

So for a non-show, this show really is making some waves. --Pete Freedman

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