NPR Sends More Love Sarah Jaffe's Way--And We've Got The Scoop On Her Next Release.

National Public Radio has honored Sarah Jaffe twice in the past already, having named her songs "Clementine" and "Even Born Again" as songs of the day both this year and in 2008, respectively. Well, now comes even more of a spotlight from the nasally voiced set, with Jaffe having been invited to NPR's KUT-90.5 FM studios in Austin for a full-band, in-studio, almost 20-minute set. And it's a good one, too--definitely worth the listen over at NPR's site.

Meanwhile, just last night, I caught up with Jaffe over the phone, checking in to see how her just-finished tour as Lou Barlow's opening act had gone.

"I kind of approached with my music like, "Are they gonna like me?' and Lou was like, 'I don't give a shit,'" Jaffe says with a laugh. "And that was something I definitely picked up on--that charm. And definitely that confidence."

That's something Jaffe hopes will spill over into her own upcoming--and very first--headlining tour, which takes her through the west coast and the Midwest in August and September.

She's excited about the tour, she says--but also about the fact that, this week, her Suburban Nature album's vinyl pressings have come in to Kirtland Records' offices and are now ready for distribution. And she was more than a little jealous to hear that we here at DC9 had received our copy before she had. (Order your copy here.)

Anyway, our knee-jerk reaction to the vinyl pressing? It's a quieter, and yet warmer, listen. But it's big highlight is the addition of a bonus track, an alternate, more brooding, lo-fi take on her song "Vulnerable," which Jaffe recorded herself at her home in Denton.

Turns out there's more where that came from, too: Jaffe recently bought a bass and a drum kit and she's been recording songs in this same style when she's been able to squeeze in some downtime at home. And, she says, she's well on her way to finishing up a new EP here in the next little bit.

She expects Kirtland will release that EP at some point in the late fall.

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