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Ozzfest Will Not Return To Frisco In 2009. Or Anywhere Else For That Matter.

Buried in an otherwise mundane press release received this afternoon about Ozzy Osbourne's plans to hit the recording studio this summer to co-produce his tenth studio record comes a bit of bad news for area metal fans hoping that Ozzfest would return to Pizza Hut Park in Frisco in 2009:
"Ozzy has decided to put his namesake festival Ozzfest on hold this year."
So, yeah. That sucks.

And I guess there's two ways to look at this...

1) This can't bode well for the festival to return to Frisco in 2010, as Ozzy will not have toured at all in the summer of 2009 and will mostly likely want to hit the whole country when he does tour again.


2) Ozzy seems to be winding down his touring future and, as such, another one-off Ozzfest in 2010 is as likely as anything else. And, if Ozzfest 2008 was as successful a venture as we've been led to believe, it happening again as a one-off deal in Frisco is still fairly likely.

Take your pick. But me? I'm going with No. 1.

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Pete Freedman
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