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Play-N-Skillz Tell Billboard They Found Grammy Nom 'Shocking'...Even Though They'd Already Rapped About It.

Looks like Play-N-Skillz took some time to speak with Billboard.com on Friday to discuss their most recent Grammy nominations for their production work on Lil Wayne's hugely successful (on all fronts, really) album.
Says Play:
"This was a little bit more shocking than the last one. I wasn't as surprised for Tha Carter III to be nominated for best rap album, but album of the year? That's like the biggest accolade you can receive. Of course, for the song to be nominated itself was shocking. But, at the same time, it justifies all the hard work."
The article goes on to detail the backstory of Play-N-Skillz's involvement with Lil Wayne, which we already knew about, natch.

But I have to take issue with Play on saying how the nomination came as such a huge surprise. In Play-N-Skillz's new single, "Checkin' My Fresh" (which you can download for free here, you're welcome), the duo drops the line: "Me, come February, that's Grammy number two."


Oh well, any chance to promote your upcoming album Out The Box (due summer '09!), eh fellas? --Pete Freedman

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