PlayRadioPlay! and The Secret Handshake Team Up For Frienemies Tour

Not to keep harping on mall punk all day long, but this is worth pointing out, if only because it's hilarious: Earlier this week, noted area mall punk rivals PlayRadioPlay and The Secret Handshake announced that they'd be hitting the road together under the banner of "The Frienemies Tour."

Why frienemies? Well, 'cause these two have something of a history. In 2007, PlayRadioPlay released a song called "Elephants as Big as Whales," which included the lyric "We stayed up at night much too late / talking crap about The Secret Handshake," and, ever since, the two have been pitted against one another in the mall punk press--like in this June 2007 interview The Secret Handshake gave to absolutepunk.net:

What's the deal with you and Dan from PlayRadioPlay?
I'm trying not to get into the whole "he said, she said" thing here, but basically, i've met Dan once in real life. we played a show together and he asked if he could borrow a piece of gear i had. and i said i had already packed it up. that's pretty much the only conversation we've ever had.

I think everything else stemmed from some stupid (and false) rumor that he decided to believe and perpetuate. i never posted anything about him on this site, i never posted a blog about him, and until now i've never mentioned him in an interview.

But apparently I dislike him and even more hilariously, I want to beat him up. the reality is, i don't even know him. and I didn't have anything against him until people starting asking me .. "what do you have against him?" haha

I think it's just unfortunate. I tried to explain myself to him at the very beginning, but people love drama and so it just continues on and on.

Now, though, with this tour, the two acts are pumping up the hype for their own advantage.

Well played, fellas. Unfortunately, the show doesn't yet have a DFW stop on its schedule. Oh well...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.