Power Trip Is Beefing With Trapt on Twitter, Because Twitter Beef Must Go on

Power Trip singer Riley Gale is feuding with Trapt because Twitter drama must go on.
Power Trip singer Riley Gale is feuding with Trapt because Twitter drama must go on. Mike Brooks

Do you remember Trapt? Their 2002 single “Headstrong” was all the rage back when white people wore chain wallets and sported dreadlocks with nary an accusation of cultural appropriation.

Lately, the California alt-metal band has been having a Twitter meltdown of Azealia Banks proportions. First, it started with right-wing tirades again civil rights activist Talbert Swan and Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Now, the band is beefing with one of Dallas’ biggest metal bands, Power Trip.

It all started when Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale challenged Trapt in a crowd-measuring contest.
Things took an even more nonsensical turn when a Twitter user by the handle @trumpstoaddick (a Stormy Daniels reference) made a phone call to Trapt’s manager, David Marby, who, upon being informed of the Twitter beef, said in the recorded conversation, “All [the band] is doing is shooting [themselves] in the foot”:
Then the conversation returned toward the subject of which band attracts bigger crowds, and as one could easily expect, Trapt dug themselves an even deeper hole:
We’re guessing that Trapt isn’t taking the cancellation of their Sunday, March 22 show at Fort Worth’s 600-capacity venue Rail Club all that well. No word yet on whether Power Trip’s homecoming show at Dallas’ 1,000-capacity venue The HiFi will happen as originally planned.
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