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Well, the inevitable has come. It is time for me to say adios. That’s “bye” to you non-Spanish speaking folk.

After some two plus years, I’m leaving the position as music listings and clubs editor to take on the world as a freelancer. I figure jumping into an abyss of unknown territory is the best thing to do in this economy.

Yeah, scrambling for my next few bucks all for literary gain is the way to go.

So what will I be taking away from this job? Oh, lots. Mostly, that Dallas peeps are passionate--and big time. Whether its sports or music or city hall or even auto maintenance, you guys prove that if there’s something to be said, dammit, you’re gonna say it. I’ve lived in Dallas or Dallas County (try Mesquite) my whole life and I thought I loved this town. You just remind me I still have catching up to do.

Second, I’m going to miss expensed drinks.

Third, I’ve met some crazy amazing people along the way (well, I knew a couple already). Being the mushy guy I am, I have a crush on practically every one of them. In no particular order, they include but are so not limited to the following:

Amanda Newman, Susan Friedman, Hal Samples, Stacey Zontis, Brian Bearden, Emily Kopp, the ladies of Lovie, Dr. Tim Seelig, Dr. Jonathan Palant and all of the Turtle Creek Chorale, Patricia Rodriguez of the Lollipop Shoppe, John Solis, Chris Machart, Cindy Chaffin, the guys of Black Tie Dynasty, the ladies of She-Dick, Teresa Nasty, Hans Handikraft, Lord Byron, Tony and Mike from Mokah, Freda Ross Finley, Mark Annick, Chelsea Callahan, Frank Campagna, Beard, the ladies of Bandmates, Bill and Fred Holston, Chris Edwards, Ally David and Ricki Derek.

Thanks guys and gals. You’re tops! And God help me on those who I’ve inadvertently left out. My apologies, it’s nothing personal, just brevity.

Even though I won’t be your friendly neighborhood clubs editor, I should still be around, whether it’s the occasional blog item, or the weekly calendar piece, or perhaps more that shouldn’t involve a restraining order. In the meantime, and for shameless ego-stroking, I sometimes rant here although I’ve been somewhat lazy and neglectful; you can catch me working here some days of the week; and if you need an extra friend, I’ll give it a consider here; oh, and if you live in Mesquite, might I suggest you vote for this lady next Saturday (she's my sister-in-law)?

Peace out from my now bare grey cube. It’s absolutely been my pleasure. --Rich Lopez

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.