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Rolling Stones Ready Plans To Theatrically Release Film of 1978 Fort Worth Concert

The band, you may recall, did something similar last year, releasing for one night only a film combining footage taken at the band's 1972 stops in Fort Worth and Houston. This one, however, is all Fort Worth. 

And there's a reason for the film's release beyond simple nostalgia: It's arriving in conjunction with the band's upcoming in November, 33-years-after-the-fact re-issue of the Stones' Some Girls album. Seems the band has dug up some old footage of their 1978 stop at the venue now known as the Fort Worth Convention Center at the Will Rogers, given it a high-definition sheen and audio upgrade and decided to give it the ol' theatrical release try -- in other countries, at least.

(Update: As you can see in the comments below, we had the venue of the show wrong; it took place at the Will Rogers Auditorium, not the Tarrant County Convention Center. Commenter "I was really there" adds a fun anecdote: "The tickets sold for it did not read Rolling Stones but 'The London Greenshoe Cowboys...' " He expands on that, too, making the film sound all the more awesome.)

Here's hoping the release eventually does come on this side of the pond: The film, which begins with a 2011 interview with Mick Jagger, features "17 classic tracks," and it sure is a strong set if this soundboard boot is to be believed. Included among the songs performed: "Honky Tonk Women," "Beast of Burden," "Tumbling Dice," "Brown Sugar," "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and the band's Let it Bleed cover of Robert Johnson's "Love in Vain," which Johnson originally recorded in his Dallas recording sessions at 508 Park Avenue.

Check out the trailer for The Rolling Stones: Some Girls -- Live in Texas after the jump.

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