Sarah Jaffe Makes Magnet A Mix, Offers Up Another Song Download


speaking of upcoming debut full-lengths from promising young area artists

: Today,

Magnet magazine has posted quite the flattering write-up


Sarah Jaffe

on its Web site, wherein it gushes about the songs on her upcoming Kirtland Records full-length

Suburban Nature

: "One listen to 24-year-old Texas native Sarah Jaffe

's music and you'll feel like you've known her for years."And that description sure works, especially when paired with the free download the site is also offering of that album's "Better Than Nothing."

There's more to the piece, though: In it, Jaffe provides the readers of the magazine with a mixtape of her favorite songs. Among the artists included on Jaffe's tape? Nina Simone, Passion Pit, Grizzly Bear and Bjork. Also? The Ronnettes, included here by Jaffe for their song "Be My Baby." Of course, anyone who has watched our DC9 in Space episode with jaffe (see above) already knows she digs on the track--she performed it for us back in June of last year. Quite the treat, too...

Suburban Nature is currently available for purchase on iTunes and will see its physical release on May 18.

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