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Scenes from Demi Lovato's Twitter War against Taylor Swift

Leave it to a Dallas celebrity to start some bad blood over a good deed. Over the weekend, Dallas native, former Disney Channel actor and rising pop star Demi Lovato took a stand against fellow singer and recent Grammy winner Taylor Swift — for the fact that Swift had donated $250,000 to help pay for embattled singer Kesha's court expenses.

Kesha's fight to get released from her contract with Sony Music, and with it the producer she alleges drugged and raped her, has been an ongoing saga since she came forward with the allegations in the fall of 2014. Last Friday, a judge denied her injunction to be released from the contract, which led to an outpouring of support online and from her fellow artists. But after news of Swift's donation surfaced on Sunday, Lovato made clear she wasn't having it.

In fact, Lovato may have even been critical of the 1989 singer before the quarter-million-dollar donation was made. After tweeting her support to Kesha on Saturday afternoon, including celebrating her for her bravery, Lovato made a late-night speech that included a tweet many interpreted as a dig at Swift, who at that point had made no public comments on Kesha's plight: Lovato would go on, jokingly perhaps, to say that, "Women empowerment is tweeting at 2:30 a.m.," but once she'd signed off for the night (by that point early Sunday morning) that wasn't the end of things. Later that day came news, via her publicist, that Swift had donated the money, "to help with any of [Kesha's] financial needs during this trying time."

Undeterred, Lovato didn't hesitate to chime in on Swift's gesture:

It didn't take long for Swift's legion of fans to come to her defenseincluding one fan pointing out that Swift had visited Lovato in rehab — but Lovato still didn't back down. In an exchange that took place with Instagram user @proudofswift, she insisted, "How the fuck am I making this about myself? At least I'm talking about it," before adding, "There's no 'rivalry,' I just give more fucks than other people."Meanwhile, on Monday, the accused rapist,  Dr. Luke, issued a statement on Kesha's allegations. Besides denying that they were true, the statement said, rather ironically, that Dr. Luke was the victim of a "trial by Twitter."
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