Sleep Whale's Latest Side Project (We've Lost Count) Gets Some Pitchfork Love

Pitchfork sure lurves it some Sleep Whale--and Abacus and Melting Season and Sunnybrook, too, actually. So it shouldn't be surprising then that the fifth (!) side-project the band has announced in just the past year alone (the remaining one being Joel North's Northern project), would go ahead and earn some love, too.

Today, the tastemaking site did just that, offering up a free download of the latest project's song, called "Shutterbugs." And you should go get it, too..

Not a hundred percent which band member(s) is behind the project (although we did get confirmation that it's definitely a side project of the band's), but we're digging on it because, well, it reminds of of how the band sounded before it changed its name from Mom to Sleep Whale. And, as such, we especially dig the new project's name: Motherly.

If this group of Dentonites starts any more side projects, we're just gonna start calling it Octomom. Fortunately (because, let's face it, that was an easy and, worse, bad joke), that doesn't seem to be in the cards: The band's also told/tweeted to us that this is its last side project. For now, at least.

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