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Dallas-Based Songwriter Quentin Moore Teams Up With Snoop Dogg for a Remix of Moore's 'B.F.U'

Dallas-based songwriter Quentin Moore's song "B.F.U." got the seal of approval and a new verse for a remix from Snoop Dogg.
Dallas-based songwriter Quentin Moore's song "B.F.U." got the seal of approval and a new verse for a remix from Snoop Dogg. Liliya Kaminker
A year ago as Quentin Moore left a gig where he played his brand of soulful R&B at a wedding, waxing poetic on love and happiness, a thought came to the Dallas-based songwriter: “I thought it would be hilarious if I had a song that talked about ‘If I had one more chance to see you to fix things and work things out with you’ but just said, ‘Bitch, fuck you.’”

Thus Moore’s anthem “B.F.U.” was born, recently earning the laurel of having the one and only Snoop Dogg featuring on it as a guest in a remix.
“Snoop is THE icon. To this day “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” is one of the only rap songs that I know the lyrics to … at least the first verse…Snoop’s verse,” Moore says, laughing.

“It's so funny that 20, 30 years later, I’m able to collaborate with [him]. All of this came about working on social media staying consistent. ... I was doing a lot of these [B.F.U.] videos, and then he started following me, and BAM we got a collab.”

The social media work Moore is referring to is a series of Tiktoks and Instareels that range in topic from “When H.R. denies your vacation request” to “We’re tired of that song,” and all of them end with the sound bite from “B.F.U.” playing. This viral marketing seemed to have worked out for Moore, leading to the Doggfather himself to come knocking at his door.
“In the spring, I’d say April or May, Snoop started following me, so I was like ‘Damn, that’s what's up man…’ In the summer I had a couple videos go viral… I had one go viral with a clip of Snoop. … It was a Bill Withers clip on his birthday, so what I did was a mashup of breakup songs from back in the day to breakup songs today. … ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ was the song from back in the day and [‘B.F.U.’] was the song of the day and it went super viral on Instagram,” Moore says.

“I also posted the video and asked people ‘Who do you think of when you hear this song?’" he continues. "A lot of people tagged Snoop Dogg, which is probably how he found me."

Moore messaged the rapper in the summer, letting Snoop know he would like to work with him.

"To my surprise he said, ‘As soon as I get back in town I’m on it,’” Moore says.

“...One day he hits me up out of nowhere and says, ‘Send me an open verse of your tune ASAP,' so I sent it as fast as I could." A week later he received a message from Snoop. "Hey nephew, you got mail," it read.

The email was a verse for the remix.

The holy grail of verses in hand, Moore sewed it into his song, and we as the public are better for it.

Future plans for the song are a fully animated version version with Snoop and Moore killing it and telling all of life's troubles, "Bitch, Fuck You.”
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