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St. Vincent Releases Second Single from Upcoming Self-Titled Album: Listen

St. Vincent marches on towards the February release date of her self-titled fourth album. "Digital Witness," the second release from the album ahead of its release, came out last week and the more we listen to it the more we need to play it again.

Annie Clark, St. Vincent herself, is a Dallas native and returns to the House of Blues for a concert on March 14th. St. Vincent has built up a very devout following since debuting in 2007, and this new record has her poised for a breakout 2014.

According to a press release on St. Vincent she wanted to create "a party album you would play at a funeral," and the dance-y music of "Digital Witness" definitely belies the bleak lyrics. Clark sings "Digital Witness, what's the point of even sleeping?/ If I can't show it, you can't see me/ Watch me jump right off the London Bridge/ This is no time for confessing" over what sounds like a mix of brassy funk and synth pop.

The song is a look at the more pathological side of media, the exploitative and self-indulgent aspects of it rather than the informative and revolution-starting aspects that give things like Twitter its veneer its status as a social good. The fact that you want to dance to it makes the message more unnerving.

This isn't really a description for fans of St. Vincent. If you already know about her, it's a foregone conclusion that you'll be buying, pirating or streaming the album somehow. If you're relatively new to St. Vincent, or have never listened before, "Digital Witness" will pull you in and make you want to seek out more. By the end of the song, when Clark demands "Give me all of your mind/ I want all of your mind/ Give me all of it," I can't help but think that she already has it.

St. Vincent comes out February 25. The previous release from it is "Birth in Reverse."

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