St. Vincent's Actor Debuts Respectably On The Billboard Charts

According to the press release that just popped up in my inbox, St. Vincent's Actor had quite the nice debut last week, assuming Billboard numbers are still a fair way to judge release successes.

In its first week on the charts, the album debuted at No. 90 on the Top 200 chart, and check in at No. 9 on the indie chart. For what it's worth, it seems Clark is also cleaning up in her hometown: At Good Records last week, the disc checked in as the store No. 1 overall seller. But, perhaps more impressive? The vinyl copy of the album came in at the store No. 3 best-seller of the week.

Not that any of this should be surprising: As we say in print this week, the disc is quite good. Brilliant, even.

Catch her at the Granada Theater on Thursday, June 18.

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