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Sunnybrook Passes Along New MP3, Asks For Help In Releasing Long-Awaited Full-Length

Like Green River Ordinance, A.Dd+ and The Debut before him, Denton's Sunnybrook has now turned to Kickstarter.com and is asking fans to help fund his new release. The brainchild of Paul North, who also performs with his older brother Joel in Sleep Whale, Sunnybrook has long been a Pitchfork-approved entity, ever since the 2009 leak of his appropriately sunny, campfire singalong single, "Waving Hands," a song we deemed among the best from the region that year, too.

But, despite more song leaks and continued critical praise, Sunnybrook has still yet to actually release his debut album. His reported signing with Lefse Records (home to another Denton product, Neon Indian) last year appears to have fallen by the wayside; these days, North is working with a Minneapolis-based label called Appalachian Records.

It's together with Appalachian that North has launched his Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise $3,000 in the next 28 days so fans can finally hear his his debut full-length, called Hay Daze.

"It's to press 500 vinyl [copies] with a digital download and to hire a publicist for Sunnybrook," North further tells us. "I'm wanting to pursue Sunnybrook full-time by summer 2011 -- full band, the works."

Given the quality of his recordings, we don't mind saying that we here at DC9 hope that much comes to pass, as well. After the jump, as further incentive, enjoy a free download North has passed DC9's way of a new collaboration with a like-minded performer from Portugal, called Branhces. For fans of retro-leaning lo-fi pop, hearing the track, called "Salao Flamingo II," is highly recommended.

I'd say it's impressive for a guy who does all his recordings at home to conjure sounds like these, but, given North's pedigree, maybe it's not altogether surprising.

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