Sunnybrook Releases Water Me Glow Album As Free Download

Earlier this year, Denton's own Paul North, otherwise known as Sunnybrook, needed some money to release his album, Hay Daze, on Appalacian Records. So what did he do? He used the popular funding platform, Kickstarter, to raise funds from fans and contributors through pledges. Unfortunately, Sunnybrook's goal of $3,000 was not met. In fact, the amount of money pledged was a very small fraction of the original goal, with only $140 dollars offered in contribution -- a real shame considering some of the acclaim this young artist's work has received from us, as well as web powerhouses Pitchfork and Gorilla vs Bear.

But, lucky for us, Sunnybrook turned his failure into something positive. This week, he's released his 2010 debut album for free online, sharing the fruits of his labor at no cost whatsoever to the listener. Now, that's pretty cool, right?

And, after giving it another good listen, we think it's pretty clear: This album, Water Me Glow, is in no way a failure.

The tracks, which were created between 2006 and 2010, are infused with dreamy pop melodies and ambient electronic instrumentation. It's a hell of a listen. Seriously. Go get it on his SoundCloud page.

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