Center Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary Tonight

Obviously, tonight's 20th anniversary party at Center--a select event for "friends" of the venue and promotional co-sponsors, held right before tonight's Roger Waters show--celebrates the 20th birthday of the venue, not the name, which we openly mocked when it was announced earlier this year.

Anyone got any great memories to share? I'm still new to town, so the Kanye West show last night was my first experience. And yes, it was a great show, but it wasn't the venue that did it. I don't know, share 'em if you've got 'em.

Also: I couldn't help but further think about the Center name while writing up the Kanye review earlier. We abbreviate a lot of venue names around town (The Granada Theater is just the Granada; American Airlines Center is the AAC); is there a natural one for Center? Surely not just "" I told a friend I was going to "" for the Kanye show last night and he cocked his head curiously and asked if there was a webcast or something. Should it be "SP.CC"? Or just Starplex, as it once was?

Clearly, I over-think things.

In other news, just bought the naming rights to this blog. You can now access us at OK, not really. --Pete Freedman


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