Swim Swim is is Back Back... Maybe Maybe

Early in 2007, a group of young men out of Plano formed a band called Swim Swim and released I'm So Glad That I'm an Island, a wonderful, but grossly neglected collection of indie pop that should have made local heroes out of Jeremy Aulden, Mike Brady and Jason Bailey.

Instead, this disregard for Swim Swim resulted in Aulden heading to college in San Antonio, Brady moving to Boston and Bailey taking up residence in New Orleans. Well, after only a couple of semesters and one sour relationship, Jeremy Aulden decided that Trinity College wasn't exactly his thing. So just last month, he hightailed it back home, took a regular 9-to-5 job and started dreaming of making local music again.

"I am trying to grapple with the task of re-acquainting myself with the scene," says Aulden. "Right now, I am a corporate slave, but I have several musical projects in the works."

One of those projects includes a Swim Swim reunion... sort of: "I'm writing songs with Mike via the Internet, and we might make another record," Aulden says.

He's also working on an electronica/hip hop project called Lilac Inferno with Peter Hensel and a more conventional indie venture with Geoffrey Kern. "I want to explore collaborations with many different people in as many different styles as possible," says Aulden.

Check out--and, sure, download--this Lilac Inferno track...

Bonus mp3:

Lilac Inferno -- "Are You The Best?"

It's good to have a talented guy like Aulden back in our area. Let's just hope enough folks pay attention this time so he doesn't go away again.

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