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Taylor Reed Wants to Get Cordelane Back Up and Running, But...

Kristina Hunken

A few years back, a great little EP of demos by a Denton band called Cordelane came across my desk. Poetic but unpretentious (a little like Liz Phair covering Nick Drake), the five songs were written by Taylor Reed, a Seattle resident who came to our area to start up a band.

Well, start one she did--and a lot of folks were impressed with the results. One song, "Top 3," got some love from Josh Venable on his Adventure Club radio show.

Sadly, the band took an official "break" in 2006 when guitarist Mark Sonnabaum quit and bassist Andrew Binovi moved to D.C., leaving Reed to sit back and wonder what might have been...

Perhaps as a New Year's resolution, Reed might just get things started once again--but she sounds doubtful in a recent email.

"My hope for 2009 is that I can finally record the songs that should have been recorded three years ago, and possibly play a show," she writes. "The truth is that I'm too chicken-shit to play by myself, and no musician worth his salt is willing to back a girl who plays slow songs."

Well, Taylor, when you have good songs, such as the ones you write, you might want to have a bit more faith in yourself and the quality of the musicians in our area. Perhaps a few of the Metroplex's more salty players can contact Ms. Reed and let her know that you don't mind playing slow songs--especially good ones.--Darryl Smyers

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