Telefones Reunion Update: It's On--And It Looks Like a Hell of a Gig

Yesterday, Gerard Dirkx, leader of the legendary Dallas new wave band The Telefones, sounded a bit unsure if the rumored reunion of his band was going to take place.

But today things seemed to have changed for the better. Turns out there's great news in my inbox this morning from Dirkx concerning the status of the Telefones reunion concert.

Here's the scuttlebutt straight from the source: "It looks to be a done deal, folks, Friday, October 9th at the Lakewood Theater. Telefones, Superman's Girlfriend, The Devices, The Assassins, Barry Kooda and many, many more TBA. The evening will be hosted by radio legend George Gimarc."

For those who don't know, George Gimarc hosted "The Rock and Roll Alternative," the only area radio program in the '80s that would dare play music by Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen and a host of other acts deemed too odd by the local mainstream rock stations.

Having Gimarc host this Telefones event is just icing on an already amazing cake. I can hardly wait.

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