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Thanks a Lot, Rolling Stone: The Django & Jimmie Tour Won't Hit Billy Bob's After All

North Texas country music fans are very, very sad right now. On Wednesday, Rolling Stone Country announced that Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard would join forces for a month-long tour across the Midwest and Southeast to promote their new joint album, Django & Jimmie. In true Nelson and Haggard fashion, the tour makes stops through random cities across the country, and unfortunately, Dallas is not going to be one of them.

But that's not what we were told at first.

In Rolling Stone's piece announcing the tour, a final date of the tour is November 28, at Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth. For a moment there, we were really, really excited — that is until we actually examined the schedule of upcoming events at Billy Bob's, and Haggard is nowhere to be found.

Nelson, however, is scheduled to perform on November 28, and we were pretty sure that leaving out Haggard was just a sacrilegious typo. But according to Billy Bob's marketing manager Chris Spinks, the Billy Bob's website had it right, and Rolling Stone had it wrong. "Our show is Willie Nelson only," said Spinks via email Thursday. Well dammit. 

And it's not just Rolling Stone Country that is a big bunch of lying liars. Other outlets like Taste of Country, The Boot and Radio.com just republished the schedule there, without doing any actual research. How rude. 

And if you look back at the original Rolling Stone announcement, we probably should have realized it was too good to be true. The tour kicks off October 15 in Reading, Pennsylvania, and will make stops through Green Bay, Wisconsin, Florence, South Carolina, and Pikeville, Kentucky, along the way. Nelson's November 28 show at Billy Bob's, announced via Facebook on Monday, August 24, lands a full month after the Django & Jimmie Tour is set to conclude. 

As disappointing as the news that Haggard and Nelson won't be sharing that historic stage at Billy Bob's Texas is, you've had two chances to see Haggard there in the last year, most recently as the headliner of the venue's 4th of July picnic, which took place without Nelson for the first time in a decade. Speaking of which, it should be a treat to have Nelson back at his old stomping grounds so soon after he moved his picnic back to Austin — beyond the fact that there's really never an excuse to miss seeing the Red Headed Stranger when he pops into town.

Tickets to Willie Nelson's solo November 28 performance at Billy Bob’s Texas go on sale this morning at 10 a.m., and you’re going to want to snap ‘em up quickly; no doubt anything with a view will sell out, even if Merle isn't going to be there. General admission tickets are just $20, so if Haggard does decide to show up unannounced it will make for a hell of a bargain. We can dream, right? 
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Amy McCarthy