The Bamboozle Roadshow

The Bamboozle Roadshow hits Six Flags Over Texas on a day perfect for its core audience—a Saturday.

School will be out for the tweens and teenagers, and it's almost time to enjoy the summer break. What better way than to spend the day at an amusement park with some of your favorite bands? Sure makes for a nice alternative to just standing around in a parking lot.

Like a squeaky-clean, pop-friendly version of the Warped Tour, expect plenty of Day-Glo and screaming girls at this Bamboozle offering. The show features a dozen or so acts, including All Time Low, Boys Like Girls and previous Top 40 giants Good Charlotte and Hanson. But the biggest draw with the most enthusiastic crowds? Gotta figure the safe bet there is Dallas' own Forever the Sickest Kids. The six-piece will bring their smile-filled set and infectious songs—and maybe even bust out their cover of "Crazy Train," which was recently recorded for Fearless Records' Pop Goes Clasic Rock compilation.


The Bamboozle Roadshow

For those who are repelled by bands like this, look on the bright side: These bands won't be clogging up the Warped Tour bill when that show comes to the Superpages.com Center on July 3.

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