The Polyphonic Spree Are Back With Good Records, New Material

And so it's all come full circle for The Polyphonic Spree: A year after its label, TVT Records, went bankrupt, Tim DeLaughter, the band's frontman and mastermind, has announced that the band has purchased back its rights and is returning to its own Good Records label, where the band launched its career, for its future releases--or at least its next record.

Recently, after some down time, Good Records Recordings already jumped back into the release game by putting out the new, debut disc from Binary Sunrise. You can expect a review of that disc in our print edition in the coming weeks.

Oh, and what of that next Spree record? Well, in a blog post written on Wednesday, DeLaughter announced that he began working on the new disc earlier this week, and that two songs, far as he' concerned, are already done. And you might be able to hear said songs sooner, rather than later, writes DeLaughter:

I think I will share snip-its [sic] of the bare bones of the songs, (just me and acoustic) to give you an idea of where it starts from, before it's completely realized with full band.

We'll keep you posted on this front, for sure.

(Hat tip.)

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