The Problem With... "Over" by Drake

I get the feeling that Canada doesn't like us a whole lot. I know they have a bunch of good music there. But the only Canadian music that shows op on U.S. music charts ranges from mediocre to awful.

The latest example is a guy named Drake. As part of Young Money, this guy showed up in a previous The Problem With... for Bedrock. This time around, Drake writes a song all about himself instead of about sushi and finding lost women with GPS.

The chorus of "Over," Drake's current hit, suggests that he is at the height of his fame and shows great conceit towards his new audience: "Who the fuck are y'all?" Condescension is one thing, but the artist's singing voice during the chorus resembles a genetic hybrid of Tone Loc and a Siamese cat.

The video, meanwhile, employs a music video trope dating back to '90s rock bands: quick-cut projector images over the artist. The imagery of clouds, fire, city lights, and Drake biting a little version of himself brings to mind the film Altered States.

It's at the point that I make this haughty cultural reference that I realize why this dude is acting all narcissistic and writing Jada Pinkett (conveniently forgetting the hyphen and Smith) along with Ebert and Roeper into his lyrics.

Drake must be tripping balls here, folks. Reviewing the chorus, it now sounds like the things a tripper would say:  "What am I doin'? Oh, yeah, that's right, I'm doin' me... I'm living life right now, man"

So, Drake may be conceited because he's either at the height of his career or because he's high.

Let's hope he doesn't turn into a primordial blob or hairy Neanderthal before it's over, because his trip looks far from over.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.