The Queen of Excess: Kim Finch Rocks the Double and Single Wide

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Who is Kim Finch? Hell if she knows. She'd pour you a nice shot if you could help her figure that out. Finch was once "Puncho Villa" in the Assassination City Derby, from 2005-2007, but first impressions might have you guessing as such. She's also not a pirate. She cleared that up herself recently, by expressing her disdain for repeatedly getting her coffee change in dollar coins. Kim Finch is part land bandit, part L7's Donita Sparks and part Riff Randall from Rock and Roll High School.

No, that ain't it either. Shit.

With partner Chelsea Callahan, they run the Double Wide, otherwise known as the border crossing between Deep Ellum and Fair Park. Nowadays, Finch also works hard at Single Wide, Double Wide's smaller bastard child on Lower Greenville, born in the back of a wood-paneled station wagon in the parking lot of the bowling alley. On league night, of course. But back to Kim Finch. She's this cool, creative chick who's friends with ALL of us in the local music scene.

Hey, let's go bother her while she bartends. She's used to it.

You seem to be having the time of your life doing what you do. Are you living the dream? Well, I don't know who else would be having this kinda crazy dream! But yes, I do believe I am. Owning a bar is a lot of work. A lot of behind the scenes stuff that people do not realize goes into the business. It can be very draining at times. But, with that being said, I couldn't imagine doing anything else! I work with some pretty amazing people.

Something happens at the Double Wide when you get behind the bar. Not that the place seemed sullen before, but it comes even more alive when you check in. The music goes up higher, as does the energy. Does it feel like you're just hosting a party at your place when you punch in? Really? Oh, you're making me blush, Ayo. Stop it! Well I am a Nazi when it comes to lights and music volume. I grew up in a very musical, creative family. Both my grandparents and parents were musicians, so I grew up on a bus, in clubs and sitting on the side of the stage.

I learned from the best: My grandpa and dad were always the life of the party! My grandparents also owned a music store. My grandpa was always helping out local musicians whenever he could. I definitely learned a lot from him. I feel like it is our job to make sure people have a good time. The staff and I love to have fun and be ridiculously silly. It's all about not taking things too seriously. I think that energy is contagious. That is definitely the fun part, making people have fun!

What's going on at the rear entrance of Single Wide? I see creeper vines, a potted plant in a toilet. Was that on purpose, or is it there by fate? Well, at Double Wide, things happen very organically. That space has a life of its own. Sometimes things just show up and it's like, "Yup, it works!" The toilets were leftovers from one of our anniversary parties, otherwise known as The Outhouse Hootenanny Party. We had built outhouses for picture ops and added the toilets for just the right touch of class. After the party we scratched our heads thinking, "Oh, great! Now what are we gonna do with all these toilets?" So, one ended up behind the Single Wide as a planter.

Single Wide doesn't seem to have the logistics for live music really, but you still seem to be booking local talent. Is that working? What other innovative plans are at work to incorporate the locals into the new joint? Well, although it's doesn't have room for a full band we still get music in there. We have had The O's and RTB2 play on our tiny stage built for two. We have karaoke on Sunday afternoons. And we get some local musicians to DJ on occasion. We like to keep mixing it up and that seems to work. We are working on something for Saturday afternoons right now. But nothing nailed down yet. You'll have to stay tuned.

What new bands from our backyard sound so sweet to your ears, you don't even distinguish them from nationally known acts? I think the new ones to look out for are probably Virgin Wolves, J. Charles & the Trainrobbers, Pinkish Black and Sealion. Oh! I am super excited for Taylor Rea's new project, Zhora!

There's so much visionary stuff that goes into the bars. Then, of course, there's the way you theme your events. Who's responsible for all this creativity? That would be me. When I first took over I thought I had to give a name and theme to our anniversary parties to make them a bigger deal, more glorious than just a regular night at DW. And, like most things in my life, I tend to go a bit overboard and out of hand. Chelsea has named me The Queen of Excess!

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