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The Rocket Summer Joins Others In A Live "Stand By Me" Cover, Releases Of Men And Angels Album Art, Track List And, Sure, A New Song, Too.

This past weekend, at a benefit concert held in Orlando each year to fight suicide, addiction and self-cutting, Grapevine's own Bryce Avary (aka The Rocket Summer) performed a cover of "Stand By Me" alongside the likes of Mat Kearney and members of Underoath, Anberlin and Copeland. Check it out in the above clip, produced by the folks who put on the event, called To Write Love on Her Arms.

Expect to keep seeing Avary in these kind of relatively high-profile settings over the next month or so. After all, as he just reminded his Twitter followers, his upcoming release, Of Men and Angels, is just over 38 and 1/3 days off from coming out. And it seems there's plenty of excitement behind the February 23-scheduled release.

Earlier this week, Alternative Press exclusively leaked the cover art for the disc, and Avary quickly followed that up on his Facebook account by announcing the track list and then releasing a stream on the fifth song on the upcoming album, "Walls", to his MySpace page.

That song's something of a ballad--OK, it's definitely a ballad--but it's not all that bad. At least, it's not bad enough for us to get over our not-so-guilty affection for what will be the second track on the upcoming full-length, "You Gotta Believe"--or, for that matter, it's insanely fun fan-made video...

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