The Theater Fire's Matter and Light Gets The Pitchfork Treatment

Seven months after the album's release (and not a moment too soon), The Theater Fire's pretty excellent Matter and Light has been reviewed by the tastemakers over Pitchfork this morning, and the album's earned itself a very respectable 7.4 rating from critic Stephen M. Deusner.

And unlike so many Pitchfork reviews, the review matches up quite nicely with the numerical rating--even if, for odd, but perhaps justifiable reasons, the review launches with the explanation of how the band got its name. Y'know, so as not to confuse any Arcade Fire fans who might stumble upon the write-up only to end up disappointed in its subject matter.

And excerpt from the review:

Matter and Light, however, is far from inaccessible. The Fire have a knack for curious, slightly off arrangements that reveal their layers through repeated listens.

I'd agree with that. And good on Pitchfork for picking up on one of DFW's finest (even if this seems to only continue the trend of Pitchfork showing up late to our parties).

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