This Is The Scene Right Now At That Secret Foo Fighters Garage Show...

Well, that secret Foo Fighters show? We tried like the dickens to find out where it was. No luck. Band's publicist said she had no idea herself -- just that it's somewhere in Dallas.

And, if Twitter is to be believed, we got started kind of late in our inquiries -- we were on the phone with said publicist when one of our readers, Rebecca Dixon, who you might know from the area all-girl quartet Lovie, posted the above image to her Twitter account from her perch in the garage.

Hmmmm. They couldn't have cleaned up a bit before the Foos arrived?

Oh well. Expect plenty more on this show in the coming days. Blackberry, which is sponsoring the show, has been posting pictures all week long on their promo site for the tour. The Foos, meanwhile, have been posting videos to their YouTube account, too -- even of the one in Denver, which wasn't really in much of a traditional garage setting at all.

Looks like the Dallas one is, though, based on the above pic. See another, blurrier angle, courtesy of DC9 contributor Mark Schectman, who got sent it from a friend of his at the show, after the jump.

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