This Week In Dallas Music History: Like Others, Stumptone's Chris Plavidal Moves to Brooklyn

Denton has had more of its share of musicians cut their teeth in North Texas and then leave for greener pastures.

A certain few, though, find their way back.

This edition of This Week In Dallas Music History focuses on Stumptone mastermind Chris Plavidal, who in 1999, had just moved to Brooklyn. The story, written by former Observer contributor Christina Rees, follows Plavidal's journey that led to the making of his band's self-titled debut -- a disc still considered an important record in the local music canon.

Upon leaving, though, Plavidal would have to carry the name Stumptone as a solo project -- a prospect he was OK with.

"This thing is constantly changing, loose-knit, always shifting," said Plavidal in the story, "and it's nice to mix it up every once in a while."

Of course, it didn't take long for him to grow restless in The Big Apple.

Plavida returned to North Texas. And in 2008, his band released their sophomore records, Gravity Suddenly Released -- a disc that made an even bigger impression. That disc, you may recall, made our best area albums of the '00s list.

Hit the jump to read the entire story.

Check it out over in our Observer archives.

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