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Tracklist: The Local Hang With Playlister P, Vol. 2

Thanks again to all who stopped by The Libertine last night for the second installment of my monthly local music sermon called The Local Hang.

The plan was pretty simple: No repeats from last month. But, oh well, I screwed that up--like embarrassingly early on, too, actually, if you wanna compare last night's list (posted after the jump) to the list of songs played at the inaugural incarnation. But I think there was only the one repeat; for the most part, this was unique set when compared to last. Still pretty varied stylistically, but maybe a little more nostalgic.

Anyway, check the full tracklisting from last night after the jump. And I'll see you again on Monday, December 7.

  1. Record Hop -- "Skirtchaser"
  2. Slider Pines -- "The Pinch"
  3. The Lash Outs -- "Contemporary Music"
  4. The Von Ehrics -- "I Like Yours"
  5. The Burning Hotels -- "Austin's Birthday"
  6. HYMNS -- "Wedding Day"
  7. [DARYL] -- "Petition"
  8. Black Tie Dynasty feat. Picnic -- "Brickwall"
  9. Damaged Good$ feat. Johnny Moog -- "Dopest/Flyest"
  10. galleryCat -- "Life Is So Great"
  11. Roy G. and The Biv -- "Runnin' (Miadis Remix)"
  12. Nas -- "If I Ruled The World (Objectiv One Remix)"
  13. Menkena -- "Red In The Morning"
  14. The Crash That Took Me -- "Patricia Lynn" ***SONG DEBUT***
  15. The Hourly Radio -- "He Said / She Said"
  16. Red Animal War -- "Still"
  17. Sorta -- "Buttercup"
  18. Telegraph Canyon -- "Into The Woods"
  19. Calhoun -- "Breathe"
  20. Seryn -- "We Will All Be Changed"
  21. Sleep Whale -- "Cotton Curls"
  22. The New Frontiers -- "Black Lung"
  23. St. Vincent -- "Marrow"
  24. Neon Indian -- "Ephemeral Artery"
  25. Binary Sunrise -- "Five MInutes"
  26. Dorrough feat. Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hussle, Jim Jones and Soulja Boy -- "Ice Cream Paint Job Remix"
  27. Big Chief -- "My Swagg"
  28. VEGA -- "Fondly"
  29. Fizzy Dino Pop -- "Hello Party!"
  30. DJ Shades -- "Love Lockdown (Kanye West vs. ZZ Top)"
  31. Mission Giant -- "Amphetamine Kiss"
  32. Faux Fox -- "Class Ring"
  33. Eryklah Badu -- "The Healer"
  34. The Apollo Commanders -- "Untitled Track 12" (from Live at South Dallas Pop Festival)
  35. Bobby Patterson -- "Quiet! Do Not Disturb"
  36. Fergus & Geronimo --"Harder Than It's EVen Been"
  37. Abacus -- "Beach Wail"
  38. Baboon -- "Dracula Eyes"
  39. The Buck Pets -- "The Bad Sleep Good, Or Not At All"
  40. Slowride -- "Computer"
  41. The Tah-Dahs -- "Dallas"
  42. The Polyphonic Spree -- "Section 22 (Running Away)"
  43. The New Year -- "Folios"
  44. Teenage Cool Kids -- "Foreign Lands"
  45. The Theater Fire -- "Uncle Wayne"
  46. The O's -- "Finding It Hard"
  47. The Riverboat Gamblers -- "A Choppy Yet Sincere Apology"
  48. RTB2 -- "Wishy Waltz"
  49. Mount Righteous -- "Shake The Rafters Loose"
  50. Air Review -- "Jura"
  51. Smile Smile -- "Sad Song"
  52. Tim DeLaughter -- "Breathe (demo)"
  53. The Quebe Sisters -- "So Long To The Red River Valley"
  54. Boys Named Sue -- "Whiskey Talkin'"
  55. Pet Hospital -- "Bird Song"
  56. New Sciene Projects -- "Wet Sights"
  57. Macon Greyson -- "Black Light" 
  58. Matthew and The Arrogant Sea -- "Marry Me Annie"
  59. Giggle Party -- Jason Bought a Hatchet"
  60. American Werewolf Academy -- "The Man With No Off Switch"
  61. A.M. Ramblers -- "Goodbye Salem"
  62. Melting Season -- "The Cliffs"
  63. Sore Losers -- Bizarre Celebrations (FIzzy Dino Pop Remix)"
  64. VIDEO -- Images
  65. The Make Believers -- "Anytime Is a Good Time"
  66. Dove Hunter -- "What Turns Inside"

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