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Trapt Invites Proud Boys To Attend Dallas Show

Trapt singer Chris Taylor Brown is blaming "social justice warriors" for the cancellation of their November show at Trees.
Trapt singer Chris Taylor Brown is blaming "social justice warriors" for the cancellation of their November show at Trees. Amanda Edwards/Getty
California band Trapt, best remembered for their alt-metal hit “Headstrong” and now known as a band whose slogan is “Make America great again,” are having a MAGA meltdown on Twitter after their Dallas show was canceled.

In March, the band cooked up Twitter beef with Dallas metal band Power Trip and are blaming the band (and “social justice warriors”) for the cancellation.

Trapt was set to play a show at Trees on Nov. 21. On Thursday, the Deep Ellum venue announced the show was canceled.

“Due to reasons beyond our knowledge, the Trapt show has been canceled,” the venue announced on social media.

The band took to Twitter to “explain” the cancelation by accusing Trees of caving to public pressure.

“So @trees in Dallas caved to threats to employees by a few of the under 100 social justice warriors who bitched about trapt in Dallas & who are also absolute sheep brainwashed by mainstream media,” Trapt’s frontman Chris Taylor Brown tweeted. “What a shame.”
Brown followed up by personally inviting Proud Boys to attend their next show. 
“Next Dallas show for Dallas Proud Boys & LE! POYB! See you SJWs there.”

And it didn’t stop there.

“We now know who threatened the people at Trees in Dallas. It was the band @powertriptx and their fans... You threaten physical violence at trapt fans and workers at a venue for hosting another band you had issues with? Class act guys ... Your fans are even classier…"

Power Trip’s lead singer, Riley Gale, died Aug. 24.

"These are the kind of people @powertriptx fans are ... They celebrate using the threat of violence in their cancel culture ... also @consequence has got to be the biggest group of morons in the US ... Again, Proud Boys are inclusive of all races and for anyone who loves the US," the band continued to Tweet. (The tag @consequence is the Twitter account for the publication Consequence of Sound, which broke the story).

In a follow-up tweet, Brown came out as a proud Proud Boy: "You have a problem with me being a Proud Boy @consequence? You must hate the USA, just like the fascists in Antifa bankrolled by Wall Street, every major corporation and media outlet. Sheep like you. The entire entertainment media complex is pushing BLM ideology. THAT is FASCISM."

Trees has not responded to a request for comment.
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