Watch: Kanye West Performs His Symbolyc One-Produced "Power" For SNL.

Hate Kanye West all you want. But we here at DC9 think he's the biggest rock star around.

Everything about him--from the narcissism to the award show interruptions to the free downloads to the fashion obsessions and the online Twitter rants--just makes him all the more polarizing in the eyes of the public. Sue us, but we like our rock stars to be pushing the envelopes of what our parents think is acceptable. Sorry, Taylor Swift.

Above is more proof of his continued greatness, as Kanye went ahead and offered up a stunning live version of "Power"--essentially a recreation of his video for the Symbolyc One-produced track--for Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Maybe we're overreacting a bit here because of the clip's immediacy, but we're thinking this sucker gets slotted as one of the greatest SNL performance of all-time, and STAT. Oh, and having S1 involved and giving us a local enough excuse to post the clip? Well, that just makes this pot all the sweeter.

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