Watch: Raquel Welch Stars In The Fieros' New Music Video, "One Woman."

Just a few days ago, the formerly Dallas-based and currently Brooklyn-dwelling


(nee The Valentines) debuted the above music video for the song "One Woman," from the band's


released debut full-length, which comes courtesy of the Japanese label,

This Time Records


The video, as you can see, stars one Raquel Welch--well, OK, in a way. The clip comes courtesy of Welch's 1970 TV special Raquel! Director Tim Underwood took the clips, chopped them up, and re-appropriated them for band use.

"Anton from Brian Jonestown Massacre asked him to make a couple videos for him, and we really liked them so he made some for us," explains frontman Joey McClellan, from a tour stop in London, where he's currently touring as the seventh member of Midlake, as he did at ACL, and as he's been doing since late this summer.

After the jump, McClellan catches us up on what else we can expect to hear from the Fieros in the near future.

"Sales [for the Japanese full-length] are going well," he says. "We plan on recording another full-length in the next couple months and have been speaking with a great producer named Dave Schiffman (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Bronx, Priestess) so hopefully that will work out."

As is perennially the case with promising, but seemingly always stalled jangle-rock outfit, though, McClellan warns that things are still in the planning stages with that new release: "It's not confirmed yet," he says.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.