What You Need to Know About Kanye West's Yeezus Season 1 Hitting Dallas Today

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Kanye is an artist! Respect his artistry! Oh wait, sorry, wrong thread. What we meant to say is, what the hell does Kanye West have up his sleeve this time? The pied piper of pop music and Taylor Swift's unofficial new BFF has been tweeting the website Yeezy.supply for just over a week, and no one has quite figured out what exactly it is.

Late yesterday afternoon the site featured a random video, along with a a title card that read Yeezy Season 1, and a link that read "Get Tickets" that gave some information about a live streaming event to be held today, February 12, in cities worldwide. All very cryptic stuff stuff, but we know this much: Dallas is one of the cities included in the streaming.

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Now while we're 99 percent sure this is just the debut of West's fashion line he's been working on for Adidas, we won't lie and say our interest wasn't piqued. So we did a little digging.

While on the air with Ryan Seacrest yesterday, West made reference to the event, saying that it was "like a fashion week for the masses." Bringing the world of high fashion to the common man. Though to be perfectly honest we're not sure how into the fashion world the common man is. That being said, the cult of Yeezy is strong, and this type of event is in line with his buck-the-system, while endlessly innovating, personality.

Last week, Adidas rolled out some of its own apparent prep work by launching the world's first sneaker reservation app in conjunction with the Yeezy event. The Adidas Confirmed app will allow users to enter their measurements and pick the store of their choice, and have their sneakers reserved for them. A sneaker reservation app: It's both the most 2015 thing ever, and why the terrorists hate us.

As for the event itself, which takes places at 3 p.m. local time this afternoon, further details are being kept mum so far. What we do know is that tickets are free to the live streaming, but what hasn't been made clear is which movie theater in Dallas will be hosting it. All very tricky stuff, dearest Yeezy. (Those who fill out a ticket request are simply instructed that they'll be informed of the location via email.)

We went to the trouble of making a short list of movie theaters who would be able to handle a live stream of a Kanye west fashion show. Which led to several phone calls, and several confused conversations with theater workers who were baffled by the question, "Are you guys hosting the Kanye West fashion show tomorrow afternoon?"

It's important to remember that this is not the first time West has done the viral marketing dance in Dallas. Way back in the summer of 2013 his Yeezus video tour led former Observer contributors Vanessa Quilantan and Jessica Roberts on a merry musical tour of Dallas hotspots that featured run ins with DPD, excited hipsters, seven year-olds who had no idea who West was and rouge changes of plans by the two writers that might have saved the event. Add in West's penchant for using Dallas-based producers (hello, S1) and his frequent stops through the area's most fashionable mall, and you start to get the feeling that West, like mayor Mike Rawlings, sees Dallas as a world-class city.

The moral of the story: West apparently thinks he can get us to pay attention to anything he does, even if it's a self-indulgent fashion line premiere. And you know what, he's probably right. Oh well. Now cue the usual wave of comments from people who automatically think West is a genius and the people who feel like West's existence is the most egregious offense in the history of mankind. It would only be, oh, the second time this week that that had happened.


The screening will be taking place today at AMC NorthPark 15 at the NorthPark Center off North Central Expressway. Tickets are sold out.


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