You're In College? You Like Music? You Can Write A Sentence? Then Be Our Intern, Maybe!

Hey there, college students! Got a light course load this fall semester? Looking for a way to fill your time? Well, golly gee, do we have an offer for you!

See, we're currently accepting applications for The Greatest Internship Experience Ever. Interested? Just wait till you hear the perks! With this gig, you'll be the proud recipient of...

  • sleepless nights!
  • free CDs from average-to-below-average touring bands!
  • free entrance into concerts from former American Idol contestants!
  • more!

Still interested? OK, then! Do you also fit these below criteria?

  • Are you in college?
  • Can you convince an adviser at your school to give you credit for your internship?

Still reading? Great! Now, the last step: Shoot me an email with some writing samples (published ones, if you've got any) and a resume. And, if you don't completely suck, we'll be in touch!

(Seriously? It's a great experience, and we've had some great interns in the past--a bunch of whom still work for us. Think you can stand the heat? Don't have truly terrible taste in music? Hit us up.)

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