43 Things You Won't Find in the George W. Bush Library

The most interesting of the three institutions that comprise the sprawling George W. Bush Presidential Center at SMU is the museum, which is filled with artifacts from the former president's life. There's the bullhorn he used to address first responders from the rubble of Ground Zero in 2001, the windbreaker he wore during a secret Thanksgiving trip to Baghdad, a voting booth from Sumter County, Florida. There's even Decision Points Theater, basically a role playing game in which you get to play Bush as he decides whether to send federal help to New Orleans or invade Iraq.

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But while curators strove to include both the successes and controversies, the collection is far from encyclopedic. Below is a list of things without which the museum will be woefully incomplete.

1. "Awesome Speech Your Holiness": A Video Installation

2. Dick Cheney's Original Heart

3. "Mission Accomplished!" Banner

4. A Wall That Looks Deceivingly Door-Like

5. A Ball Pit

6. A Glimpse into Vladimir Putin's Soul

7. A Sideways Elevator

8. Virtual WMD Locator

9. This List of Bushisms

10. His Complete Mountain Biking Wardrobe

11. Miniature Replica of Post-Katrina Superdome

12. The Spittle-Covered Pretzel That Nearly Made Cheney President

13. Osama bin Laden

14. Axis of Evil Carousel

15. A Balanced Budget

16. A Tour Guide Named Lynndie

17. A Man Cave

18. This Authentic Chinese Wardrobe

19. Barney The Dog, Post-Taxidermist

20. Barbara Bush, Pre-Taxidermist

21. Uncleared Brush

22. John Ashcroft Karaoke

23. Definition of "Misunderestimate"

24. A Decent Cocktail

25. Crocodile Mile

26. The Shoe

27. Lipstick-Stained Napkin with Angela Merkel's Number

28. A Visit from the Goon Squad

29. Interactive Water-Boarding Exhibit, Brought to You by Evian

30. Complimentary Fro-Yo

31. Decision Points Theater Presents: Hello, Dolly!

32. His Oddly Competent Art

33. The Buffalo Wild West Wing Sports Book and Lounge

34. Frank Caliendo Five Nights a Week. (Not Expected Until Early 2014).

35. Laser Tag

36. Aaron Sorkin Scribbling Frantically

37. Enemy Combatants versus American Gladiators

38. W-Less Keyboards

39. Bush's Cheerleading Uniform

40. Bush's Air National Guard Uniform

41. One Unused Vietnam Uniform, Still Freshly Starched

42. The Pet Goat

43. Hammered Al Gore Wandering Around the Fake Oval Office Muttering, "It Could Have Been Me. It Could Have Been Me."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.