49ers 20, Cowboys 13: My Top 10 Observations

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10. Jesse Holley fans - you know who you are - rejoice. Looks like he'll at least survive tomorrow's cut down to 75. The Cowboys are at 77 and have two rookies (Robert Brewster and Brandon Williams) headed off the active roster on to season-ending injured reserve. Expect the realilty-show winner to make a catch or two Friday in Minnesota when quarterback Rudy Carpenter and the scrubs finish the pre-season.

9. David Buehler's touchback was refreshing. The Cowboys had zero last year. The Carolina Panthers, for example, had 30. "Hidden yardage" my ol' pal Bill Parcells used to call it.

8. I think Nebraska free-agent linebacker Steve Octavien is going to make the team and actually make some positive plays.

7. JumboJerry wasn't a factor. Hope it's not one during the regular season. Still, I can't believe the biggest, bestest sports league on the planet got its collective big brain together and came up with a solution of "do-over." Wondering if heaved-high Hail Mary's fall under the same category?

6. Boggles the mind how center Corey Proctor and quarterback Jon Kitna can't execute a friggin' snap.

5. Anthony Spencer finally showed up.

4. By my estimation Tony Romo's been on the field about 80 plays in three pre-season games. To show for it: 1 pass over 25 yards, and that was a Felix Jones catch-'n-run on a screen. I've been worried about Dallas' lack of a vertical passing game and lack of depth sinced Day 1 in San Antonio. Still worried.

3. I also think Virginia free-agent receiver Kevin Ogletree is going to make the team and make some positive plays. Kinda reminds me of Kelvin Martin. At this point it's not a stretch to say Dallas' free-agent class is just as productive as its draft class.

2. I know Wade Phillips is trying to be tougher and all, but does yelling at Courtney Brown really send a message? Brown has had a horrible camp. No way he makes this team. Just thought it was a weird time for Phillips - who's usually strolling the sideline like a janitor looking for his mop bucket - to finally rip off his headset and chew some ass. If he really wants to be tougher, direct that reaction toward a fumbled snap or silly interception by his quarterback.

1. Was really bothered by Romo's "holy shit" interception. He felt pressure, thought he might be able to make a play, and just hurriedly threw the ball into double coverage. Without T.O. the offense's margin for error is smaller this season. Those types of turnovers will be killers. The good news is how he's securing the ball with two hands anytime he's moving around in the pocket. If his fumbles don't plummet from last year's eight I'll be surprised.

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