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7-Eleven Romances Dallas Police Department With $300,000 For New Equipment

Safer Dallas Better Dallas is a local foundation that raises money to buy new equipment for the Dallas Police Department and, as they put it, "fund the priorities" of DPD, something they've done to the tune of $17 million since their founding in 2005. 7-Eleven is the place where you drunkenly, furtively construct a Frito Pie using that weird molten cheese and watery chili over by the hot dogs. The three-way bromance between Safer Dallas,DPD and 7-Eleven soared to new heights today, with the announcement that 7-Eleven will donate $300,000 to Safer Dallas to help police fight crime in the Ross-Bennett and Vickery Meadows neighborhoods.

Back in March, 7-Eleven donated some T3s to the Dallas police, those three-wheeled vehicles that in no way make them look silly or like roving beach lifeguards. In this morning's press conference at City Hall, 7-Eleven's president and CEO Joe DePinto called DPD "an important ally." The new money will be used, according to the press release, to purchase more T3s, along with "neighborhood security cameras, bait cars, fixed/mobile license plate readers and [for the] installation of cameras."

7-Eleven also announced that their gift in Dallas is part of a whopping $40 million that they're investing in "in-store crime fighting" across the country. The company will install security cameras and digital recorders in every U.S. store, "which will allow 7-Eleven, its franchisees and local law enforcement to remotely view security footage," the company said.

"For decades, 7-Eleven has been a fabulous corporate partner," said Mayor Mike Rawlings. "I'm calling on all corporations to step up and say, 'How can we do our part?' Anybody who's a retailer out there, pitch in, come on board." He said apartment complexes would also be welcome to donate money.

"I don't know whether to high-five Joe or chest bump him or what you do for $300,00," said Chief David Brown, referring to 7-Eleven's president. He touted Dallas's "ninth straight year in crime reduction," adding, "Using technology is a pathway to more significant crime reduction." He also thanked the store for all the free coffee they give to his officers. "Our cops love 7-Eleven."

Safer Dallas says their ultimate goal is to raise $3 million for DPD, which will be used to fight crime in the 27 "Targeted Area Action Grid" areas that Chief Brown has pinpointed throughout Dallas. DPD says the areas represent six percent of the city and 36 percent of Dallas's total crime.

Since the beginning of September, DPD has been called to various 7-Elevens at least four times, according to their records. On September 1, two people were arguing when one woman involved threw something at the person at whom she was shouting. She missed, instead sending the unknown object through the 7-Eleven's window and door, causing $1500 worth of damage. On September 4, a customer was cited for criminal trespassing. The same day, at a different location, somebody else made off with eight bucks worth of Advil and Tampax. And on September 6, somebody who was presumably wearing a really enormous coat stole two cans of Bud Light, a can of Dr. Pepper, three bottles of beer, two containers of TreSemme lotion, a tube of toothpaste, a razor, hand wipes, rubbing alcohol, baby powder, pocket tissues, three Herbal Essence hand lotions and four Visines.

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