This joint is already jumpin'.
This joint is already jumpin'.
This joint is already jumpin'.

Another Cool Sporting Event You Won’t See in the City of Dallas

Okay, it’s not that cool. Unless you’re a fan of Arizona State or Notre Dame, that is. But it is a sporting event. And, no, it ain’t coming to Dallas.

In a deal announced just moments ago, the Sun Devils and Fighting Irish have agreed to a college football game at the Cowboys new stadium in Arlington on Oct. 5, 2013. I know, mark your calendars, right?

"We are excited to participate in this unique college football event in the new, state-of-the-art stadium the Dallas Cowboys are building in Arlington, Texas," said Arizona State Director of Athletics Lisa Love, who, I’ll be darn, was the women’s volleyball coach at UT-Arlington back in my college days. Good on her. "We believe this will be a magnificent game for our fans and alumni. Our coaching staff recruits the state of Texas, and this will only serve to assist in that area."

If you’re keeping score, the new stadium will now host the Cowboys starting in 2009, the Cotton Bowl starting in ’10, the Big 12 Championship Games in ’09 and ’10, an annual Arkansas-Texas A&M game starting in ’09 and, of course, Super Bowl XLV in ’11. There’s even talk of the digs attracting the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four.

Dallas, last I checked, was “hoping” to land Texas Tech-Oklahoma State, or perhaps another bowl game to put in the abandoned Cotton Bowl.

If I hadn’t told you in a while, thank you, Laura. Thank you so much. -- Richie Whitt


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