Because Nothing Says Good Morning, America Like a Murder-for-Hire Case Out of Garland

Kenneth Hughes said Good Morning, America this morning, because, well, that's what happens to guys from Garland whose wife and daughter hire a hitman to off dear ol' Dad. Says Hughes, sure, he could believe his 31-year-old daughter would want to kill him. But his 56-year-old wife? "No way." Why not? Because "she's my wife, my friend, and I just don't think she would do anything like that." Which ain't how Dallas police see it: Since Monday morning, they've been holding 56-year-old Shirley Hughes and the couple's 31-year-old daughter, Tammy Lewis, alleging both hired an undercover cop (whoops) to off Kenneth Hughes for $200,000 in insurance dough-re-mi.

Perhaps GMA will find room for this story tomorrow: "Mysterious hunk of metal crashes through roof of Oak Cliff house." Run. Run for your lives.

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Robert Wilonsky
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