Before the Mavs' Parade, Fans Sweated in the Streets While Local Officials Fawned

After hanging out along the parade route for a while this morning, Nick and I ducked into the convention center for what we'd been told would be a half-hour interview session with the Mavs before they floated their way to the AAC.

Little did we know we'd be cooling our heels right alongside the rest of the parade riders -- namely, Your Dallas City Council, Jamie Foxx and a host of other local officials.

So even when the players' buses arrived and spilled some very happy, very tall guys and their families onto the convention hall floor, the best entertainment was still probably watching County Judge Clay Jenkins running around trying to snap Dirk's photo. ("You've made the people of Dallas County proud," he told Nowitzki once he'd gotten up close.) Angela Hunt brought along a gold basketball and managed to get autographs from at least Nowitzki, Jason Kidd and Foxx.

Jump for a shot of Jenkins in his official championship gear (looking sporty in a red, white and blue bandana too) and other scenes from early this morning -- or just check out the whole slideshow here.

Check out our slideshow for more photos.

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