Colin Ross Has An Eyebeam of Energy He'd Like You to Hear

Daniel Rodrigue

When we got up this morning, no way we imagined this photo is how we'd end the day.

Wednesday, Unfair Park told you about Dr. Colin A. Ross -- you remember, Cyclops? Based in Richardson, Ross applied to the James Randi Educational Foundation’s One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge. And in his application, Ross wrote that one element in his general theory of human energy fields is “the reality of the human eyebeam” -- or “extramission,” as he calls it.

Acording to his theory, extramission in the past has been called "chi energy" in Chinese medicine and "the human aura" in Western writings. Everyone agrees that light passes into the eyes, but Ross told Unfair Park today that according to modern Western science, “It’s not a matter of debate among scientists -- to shoot a beam of energy beam out of your eyes is seen as absolutely impossible.”

Or is it? Because after the jump, Ross invited Unfair Park to his office to witness his magic eyebeams. And we brought our video camera.

Ross's basic claim is that with the aid of special goggles he’s assembled using a blue Aqua Sphere swim mask, electrical wiring and, naturally, scraps of tin foil, he can harness the energy from his eyes and use the energy to play a tone on a computer. He describes it like an on-off switch. And he plans to use the technology he’ll develop to add receptors to such devices as iPods and light switches, allowing folks to turn them on or off using our eyebeams.

He claims that he can make the tone -- it sounds more or less like a Star Trek s sound effect paired with chirping birds -- on command, but typically will signal with his finger.

He wouldn’t go into the exact details of how the beam works, as you'll see in the video below, or how he captures the energy or the type software he uses to relay the tone. It's all very mysterious. But he did insist that once he completes the challenge, he’ll publish all the details in scientific journals and start developing technology that’s based on capturing the energy.

He’s ready for the challenge, but he’s just waiting for the Randi people to determine the exact protocol he will have to follow.

Dr. Ross admitted that he did read comic books as a kid, but said that he did not get the idea from the X-Men: “I used to love the standard stuff: Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman, but probably I liked Atom Ant best.”

And, good news: Ross says he can teach anyone how to use their eyebeams. We asked him to demonstrate his ability, and, well, it’s best you just watch for yourself. --Daniel Rodrigue

Dr. Colin Ross Demonstrates How He Sends a Beam of Energy From His Eyes from Dallas Observer on Vimeo.

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