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Dallas Filmmaker Stunned by Views, Reviews He's Received For Fake Green Lantern Trailer

Making the virtual rounds in recent days is a fan-made trailer for a Green Lantern movie that ain't -- one "starring" Firefly's Nathan Fillion, so win-win for the fanboys. And it merits mention on Unfair Park because the creator of the clip is Dallas resident (and Berkner High School Class of '01 grad) Jaron Pitts, the multimedia director at the Farmers Branch Church of Christ. We exchanged a few messages via Facebook this morning, during which I asked him: Why'd ya do it, and how long did it take? To which he responded:

I did it because I am a big fan of the comic to film concept, when it's done right. I love the mythology and depth that it can have. It seems like either the big studios get it really right or really wrong, and before we saw anything that they did, I wanted to imagine it for what it could be. I never imagined it would get the attention it has, but who knows -- maybe my little trailer could help make this movie a little better.

I had the idea back in March and have been tinkering ever since. It was definitely a lot of late night hours, so we should all be thanking my wife for not killing me.
Clearly, it was no easy feat: As Pitts explains on his YouTube page, Pitts mixed and mashed dozens of different elements to create the phony trailer, incorporating everything from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring dialogue to Star Trek trailer music to, natch, Serenity clips -- for starters, as the trailer contains, all told, elements from some three dozen works (Iron Man, Galaxy Quest, the Fantastic Four movies, you name it) weaved into one 2:38 clip already viewed more than 138,000 times since it was posted Friday. If nothing else, Fillion's clearly a fan: As he tweeted over the weekend, "I LOVE THIS! this guy rocks!"

The clip follows.

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