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Dallas Is an Illuminati Blueprint for the End Times, This YouTube Video Proves

To the untrained eye, the Google Earth view of the Dallas area looks about like what it is: a cancerous patch of concrete inexorably gobbling up the surrounding pastureland. But to those schooled in the ways of the Illuminati, it's something else entirely: a blueprint for the end times.

All of this is explained in detail in a YouTube video posted Friday by TheGroxt1, who has proved his authority on the matter by revealing the hidden truths contained in Miley Cyrus' twerks and will.i.am-Justin Bieber collaborations.

The logic is a bit hard to follow for the uninitiated, but it goes something like this. The end of the world will be heralded by the second coming of Jesus, whose arrival is imminent. God has been preparing humanity for this for millennia, liberally dropping hints throughout recorded history.

"Jesus Christ is in everything," TheGroxt1, aka Mark, explains. "I have Mayan tablets showing the day of the Lord coming to Egyptian tablets to old Hopi legends all of them corresponding to the same thing that Jesus Christ is Lord, and this has been set in motion since the beginning of the universe."

One of those hints comes in the form of a clown face, seen at the top of this strange piece of cover art.

The same image appears in ancient heiroglyphs (the Sphinx-thing is a representation of Obama, for the record):

"It has a lot to do with the dog star Sirius," TheGroxt1 says of the image. "It keeps showing that our soul begins here, that we are part of the dog star living our earthly existence and then moving on."

"This entity right here with this little hat," he continues, pointing to an indecipherable squiggle of lines, "many times it's been called 'It' just like the clown in Stephen King's shows and it's siphoning -- see it pulling off of the dog right there? It's pulling the soul away."

It becomes clearer when you look at a map of Dallas overlaid with TheGroxt1's drawing:

"He's siphoning off of the dog, representing [that he's] stealing the souls as much as he can down there," The Groxt explains. "There's the dog, perfect. And it's in his mouth."

Conclusion: "It's all real, and it's all around us. These things are working toward the end of the age. The whole earth is set up like I'm showing right here."

Consider yourself warned.

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