A TSA researcher volunteered to show what the body scanners will do. They're very slimming.

DFW Airport Wants to Thoroughly Check Your Naked Body

So, yeah, don't be surprised when, later this month, you're traveling through Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and you've gotta first walk through one of those "security devices that reveal intimate body parts." For the past little while, the "Backscatter X-Ray" machines have been in use, courtesy the Transportation Security Administration braintrust, at airports in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Denver, Albuquerque and New York. But, notes USA Today, the TSA's bringing them to DFW this month -- which means, really, put on some clean underpants and take a long, hot shower before you fly. Because:

The images are detailed, clearly showing a person's gender. "You can actually see the sweat on someone's back."

TSA, now more T&A than ever before! --Robert Wilonsky


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