Downtown Dallas 360? Try Commerce St. 1930s.

At long last, the city council gets its hands on the Downtown Dallas 360 plan at Wednesday's briefing -- after which Downtown Dallas Inc. will host its own meet-n-greet with MIG's Daniel Iacofano and Chris Beynon, just one part of the 2011 Annual Meeting & Luncheon & State o' Downtown presentation scheduled at the Fairmont. Says DDI's invite, not only will John Crawford give a look-back and look-ahead speech, but the two consultants will also "bring the Plan to life with a dynamic, never before seen presentation filled with Quick Wins and Bold Ideas that will shape the future of Downtown Dallas."

Which brings me to this eBay for-sale find being offered by one chaddavonport out of Fort Worth, no less: a 15"-by-21.5" paper photo of downtown taken in the '30s -- Commerce Street, to be specific. (See the Adolphus?) Buy now for $225.75 or make your best offer. Lesse -- downtown retail, people on bicycles, streetcars. Look out, future, here we come.

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