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Eagles 30, Cowboys 27: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. DeSean Jackson is fun to watch, and so easy to hate. After his 91-yard catch-and-run touchdown he stopped at the 1 and slowly fell backward into the end zone. Where's George Teague when you need him?

9. At 4-9 the Cowboys are officially losers (for the first time since '04) and mathematically out of the playoffs. Entering Sunday's home finale they are 1-6 at Cowboys Stadium, the lone victory over the Detroit Lions. Ouch.

8. Not sure what's happened to Miles Austin. Even before Dez Bryant went down he was struggling. Yesterday he caught only two balls for 22 yards with a drop. The last three games he's only grabbed nine for 94 yards and no touchdowns. And during NBC's pre-game intros, I coulda sworn I heard him say "Miles Austin ... Garfield High School." Monmouth College anyone?

7. Rushing yards: Jon Kitna 27, Michael Vick 16. Would've lost that bet.

6. I admire Terence Newman's guts this season. But I also recognize he's lost a step. Or two.

5. Roy Williams has enjoyed a better season in 2010. But he's still a lethargic route-runner. Twice on Sunday he rounded off his cuts out of breaks, leading to - despite on-time, on-target throws by Kitna - an incompletion near the goal line and a crucial interception in the fourth quarter.

4. Facing a pretty tasty trifecta of quarterbacks Drew Brees-Peyton Manning-Michael Vick in consecutive weeks, the Cowboys went 1-2 with all three games decided by three points. Not surprisingly, the defense allowed a combined 1,248 yards to New Orleans-Indianapolis-Philadelphia.

3. Don't know what you guys saw on Philly's clock-killing, game-clinching drive, but to me it looked like Igor Olshansky got blown off the ball, Keith Brooking was blocked into Tuesday and Gerald Sensabaugh was left to make tackles 10 yards down field against LeSean McCoy. Down just three with 4:22 remaining and with three timeouts it felt like Dallas had a chance. But that defeat was shoved right down the Cowboys' throat.

2. With two more touchdowns and another 69 yards, Jason Witten continues to move up the NFL's all-time list of tight ends. On his fourth-quarter, 22-yard score he passed Hall of Famer Ozzie Newsome and will soon move into the top 5 in receiving yards. Seems like he's been good forever. Amazingly, Witten is still just 28.

1. I like Tashard Choice as a runner. But he's still just a kid who doesn't get it. After his rare touchdowns he doesn't celebrate with teammates but more so self-aggrandizes - taking a page from old teammate Terrell Owens - by making a "TC" with his outstretched arms. He altered the entire direction of the season by not taking care of the ball on the last play of the first half of the opener in Washington. And last night he reached a new low by asking for an autograph from Vick on the field. I've heard of the 24-hour rule - which mandates players getting one day to either celebrate or wallow in a game's results - but apparently Choice got over Sunday night's loss in, oh, 24 seconds? The reason for the autograph: Choice told reporters it was for his 2-year-old nephew. Then later Tweeted it was "for my nephew who is 3." (Really? At 2 - or 3? they must be sooo close - most kids would just as soon as eat crayons as have someone's name scrawled on a glove via Sharpie.) It's bad enough for the Cowboys to lose to the Eagles, but to have one of their players appear as some wide-eyed, mouth-ajar groupie (punctuated by Vick's little pat on Choice's head) is disgusting. I dunno, in the NFL in recent weeks we've now seen Cardinals' quarterback Derek Anderson laughing on the sideline of a blowout loss, Raiders coach Tom Cable seemingly giddy while hugging Jacksonville's Maurice Jones-Drew after a close loss and now Tashard's inexplicable decision. Call it a horrible ... choice.

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